Essentially, the Suunto system is a heart rate monitor that lets you know when you are working in the correct zone. What makes Suunto different is that in certain classes this information is also fed to the instructor to allow them to provide exactly the right level of individual asisstance whilst remaining in a group format. This means for you you get the benefits of 1-2-1 coaching combined with the motiavational elements of being in a class.

Not only that, the Suunto system delivers you an email report after each and every workout to let you know how you did and keep an historic record of your journey towards achieving your fitness goals.

Club members can purchase a Suunto heart rate belt from the club. Your personal information is registered once in the system along with your belt serial number. After registration you simply put on the belt and start training.


"It is the ultimate motivator for me, competing against fellow Suunto sprinters is a fantastic way to push myself towards a higher heart rate and better fitness. BRILLIANT toy." Rachida

"Wearing the heart rate belt has transformed my spin class. I was clearly kidding myself that I was working really hard. Once I put the belt on I realised I had so much more to give. I can also see my fitness levels improving and each week challenge myself to stay in the "red" zone for longer. Having the email in my inbox when I get back to my desk with my statistics reminds me that I have earned a biscuit with my cup of tea. I thoroughly recommend wearing the (Suunto) heart rate belt to anyone who does a spin class." Kirsten

"It's the perfect gym accessory. I have used the Suunto Heart Rate monitorin the gym and in the spin class, it works with all the gym machines and helps you keep track of your workouts. The best bit is getting the email with your stats afterwards. Worth every penny." Deepa

"Themain thing to say about the Suunto equipment is that it is highly motivating (whether you are using the watch, studio screens and/or the email functions) and will help you achieve a maximum workout." Gabriella

"I signed up for the belt immediately after my first trial during a spin class. I thought I'd been pushing myself hard enough, but there's nothing like a bit of peer pressure and targets to find more in the tank. Definitely recommended, if you don't believe me have a go and see what you think." Matt

"Suunto is great. Seeing my heart rate on a screen at the front of a spinning class has definitely made me push myself harder and as a result I've increased my maximum heart rate and fitness level." Christine

"I've found the belt and watch very motivational. I feel like I've improved my fitness and find the fitness test function useful. Also I've increased my maximum heart rate a couple of times. Spin classes with them kick a**e." Sudstar