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  • DNS Certified Exercise Trainer
  • Registered Exercise Professional Level 4
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Low Back Pain Certificate (Active IQ Level 4)
  • Nutrition and Weight Management (YMCA fit)
  • Certificate in Life Coaching (NCTE)


“I first heard about Massimo from my girlfriend. She had been training with him for two years and praised the inventiveness of Massimo’s exercise routines and his expertise and was still so enthusiastic about her work-outs that I finally decided to try him myself.  Despite being relatively sceptical about personal trainers I was very quickly won over by his simple and sound ideas as to which exercises must be prioritised to counteract the results of a largely sedentary life style of an office worker - which worked small miracles for me! After just 3 months of exercising with him i felt much stronger and had slashed about 6 minutes of my 10k run time, and this just as a by-product, without really concentrating on the actual running at all. Now I never leave for a run without activating my glutes, or have a workout without holding a plank! And by the by, my girlfriend became my wife, and she continued training with Massimo until week 35 of her pregnancy. Cannot recommend him highly enough!” G. Kucerov (Investment Banker)